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Digital Creative Studio

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Pronounced like oreo without the ‘r’

Oeeo /ˈɔːɪəʊ/

Oeeo is a creative agency that was born in Limassol, Cyprus and was developed in Zürich, Switzerland. We are based in the Cloud, across all platforms.

Good design is our tool for solving problems, for discovering new opportunities, for revealing hidden gems and for making real action. We help our clients to arise, renew and break their problem in small pieces. That is why we apply agile working techniques.

Our family of designers works to make aesthetics and people come together listen and think before they design. We strive to challenge our clients with bold ideas every time, and we usually discover things that even our clients did not expect.

Our mission is to think, not just design.

What we do

Oeeo creates brands, builds products, and plan marketing strategies.

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How we do it

Our building tools are strategy, design, content, and technology.

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Why we are different

We listen to our clients, we think a lot, we develop fast, we work a lot.

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